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What more can we say?

Well... we could tell you about how much people love the social atmosphere at their local bingo hall.
We could go on about how the chance of winning big prizes is a lure many people just can't pass up.
We could even talk about the adrenaline rush bingo players feel when they're just one number away
from shouting that familiar word. We could do all of that, but you probably know that stuff, since bingo
is already played on every continent and in nearly every country on earth!

What we're trying to tell you is that our bingo products are the best you'll find! Just take a look at the
rainbow of colors featured in our paper, the bold numbers on our featherweights and the durability of
our hard cards. We've got just what you need. When you think of bingo, think of Douglas Press!

If you're looking to take your Bingo to the next level,
check out Bingo Mountain™ and Strip Bingo™. Both games offer added excitement for players and
lots of payout/profit flexibility for your organization! Click the game logos to the right for more information!

For fun at home or events in the office, you've gotta check out On The Spot Bingo™.

How can you play bingo without bingo balls? Port-A-Ball™ Bingo is our all-in-one solution that uses a
75-seal card for the bingo calls and a pad of bingo sheets attached right to the card! Simply determine
the prize and winning pattern, distribute the bingo sheets and start opening seals to make the calls.
The first player to bingo wins the prize! Port-A-Ball™ Bingo can be designed with artwork for recreational
use and our Safety IS JOB #1 design is perfect for safety bingo programs. Available with one 50-sheet pad
(50 unique faces) or two 50-sheet pads (100 unique faces total).


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